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Authorities seize 33 dogs from Faulk County home

ABERDEEN (AP) -- Authorities have seized 33 dogs they say were living in inhumane conditions in a woman's home in Faulk County.

Sheriff Kurt Hall tells the media that the woman likely will face charges of inhumane treatment of animals.

Hall says the woman is on probation, and 35 rat terriers were discovered in her home during a probationary checkup April 2. Two of the dogs had died. The rest were taken to the Beadle County Humane Society in Huron.

Hall describes the home as filthy with urine and feces and says he and deputies had to don rubber gloves and overshoes before entering.

Hall did not identify the woman but said she has a history of animal neglect. He says authorities confiscated horses from her about five years ago.