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Facebook links Mitchell woman to homicide, says she was engaged to arrested man

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As the investigation continues into a homicide in Brule County, Facebook posts apparently identify a Mitchell woman reportedly missing since Monday and say she was engaged to the man arrested as part of the homicide investigation.

A Facebook user named Marsha Schulz, of Chester, posted a message Wednesday in which she said her niece, Crystal Schulz, of Mitchell, had been missing since Monday when she was last seen in Chamberlain, the county seat of Brule County. Marsha Schulz asked people to call Mitchell police, 911 or Crystal Schulz's mother with information about Crystal Schulz's whereabouts.

Marsha Schulz also posted a link to Crystal Schulz's Facebook page. That page identifies Crystal Schulz as a 26-year-old Mitchell High School graduate and Mitchell resident. It also lists Crystal Schulz as being engaged to Kent Davidson, which is the name of a man arrested Thursday night for questioning in the Brule County homicide.

A Dec. 2 post on Crystal Schulz's page says this: "he asked and i said YES..... i love you kent Davidson."

Just after 5 p.m. Thursday, the state Attorney General's Office issued a news release calling for the public's help in locating Davidson, 36, for questioning in the Brule County homicide investigation. No further details of the homicide were provided.

During the search for Davidson, a new post appeared on Marsha Schulz's Facebook page that said, in part, "Crystal's body has been found."

Later Thursday night, according to various Sioux Falls media reports, Sioux Falls police engaged in a two-hour standoff with Davidson before he surrendered and was arrested.

Davidson's Facebook page lists him as engaged to Crystal Schulz and lists connections to Dickinson High School and Beach High School, both in North Dakota, and says he has worked in Bismarck and studied at Bismark State College.

State and local law enforcement agencies involved in the homicide investigation are declining all comment for now but say they will release more information today.