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Fort Thompson woman gets jail, probation for meth

A Fort Thompson woman who claims she was too drunk to remember using methamphetamine was sentenced Tuesday to 60 days in jail and three years on probation for possessing the drug.

Teanna Lynn Dion, 27, was arrested July 2 in Mitchell after police found two pipes with meth residue in her purse. Dion's court-appointed attorney Donna Bucher, of Mitchell, said Dion was drinking prior to her arrest and doesn't remember using meth, though the drug was found in her system.

Assistant Attorney General Katie Mallery questioned how truthful Dion was being about her drug use.

"If she's getting so drunk that she doesn't remember how meth got in her system, that's a problem," Dion said.

Judge Rodney Steele granted Dion a suspended imposition of sentence, which means she has the chance to keep the felony off her record if she follows all the terms of her probation.