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Mitchell man issued $45K bond, denies probation violations

The Davison County Public Safety Center serves as the home for county lockup. (Matt Gade/Republic)

A Mitchell man with a history of escaping law enforcement was issued a significant cash bond in relation to his recent probation violations.

Nicholas Miiller, 32, denied violating his probation by failing to show up to court services appointments and testing positive for marijuana. A trial is set for Dec. 20.

On Tuesday at the Davison County Public Safety Center, Judge Chris Giles issued a total cash bond of $45,000 for Miiller's three felony cases for which he is on probation. According to Assistant Attorney General Douglas Barnett, Miiller has a history of absconding from law enforcement and court services.

"Miiller is a danger to himself and the community," Barnett said in court. "He has a track record of not showing up."

Miiller allegedly missed his court service appointments on Oct. 25 and Nov. 7 and provided false information about his employment history at a Mitchell pizza restaurant. Miiller also tested positive for marijuana on Sept. 12 and Sept. 15, according to the probation violation report.

In July, Miiller pleaded guilty for failure to appear and second-degree escape. Miiller was scheduled to appear in front of Davison County judge for two felony cases after being released on furlough. After Miiller was released from jail for personal and housing matters, he failed to return to the jail and was arrested, according to court documents.

Miiller was sentenced to two years for the failure to appear and the five years for the escape, both suspended and to be served concurrently. Miiller was also sentenced to four years of probation in addition.