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Bjornebo back in prison for drug offense

A Mitchell woman already in prison for a parole violation was sentenced to four more year years for possession of a controlled substance.

She was sentenced during court Tuesday at the Davison County Public Safety Center.

Tessica Bjornebo, 31, will serve that time concurrent to (at the same time as) her current sentence. She is in prison for violating her parole in May by using Fentanyl, a prescription drug, when she did not have a prescription for it. Her possession of the drug caused a new charge to be entered against her, for which she was sentenced Tuesday.

Judge Tim Bjorkman ordered Bjornebo pay $104 in court costs, $238.60 in prosecution costs, and pay back court-appointed attorney fees and all money already ordered in previous cases. She received seven days' credit for time already served in the Davison County Jail.

Her first parole eligibility is in February 2015.