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Mitchell teen gets seven years for selling marijuana

An 18-year-old Mitchell man will spend the next seven years in prison for selling marijuana in the community.

Judge Tim Bjorkman sentenced Casey Nespor on two files Tuesday during court at the Davison County Public Safety Center -- one count of possession of more than 1 pound but less than 10 pounds of marijuana, and one count of distribution or possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Nespor was first arrested a year ago for selling the drug and was arrested earlier this year for the same act, both in Mitchell. Last week, he was arrested in Minnehaha County for allegedly having $12,500 on him in preparation to purchase 5 pounds of marijuana to sell, Assistant Attorney General Douglas Barnett said during court.

Nespor appeared in court Tuesday in Minnehaha County Jail black-and-white-striped scrubs, along with his attorney, Doug Dailey.

"Casey has made some seriously poor choices," Dailey said. "He recognizes that he's got a long life to live yet and whatever the court decides to do, he needs to get out and live a law-abiding lifestyle -- that means not selling marijuana."

Dailey told Judge Bjorkman that Nespor had his life back on track recently and asked only for supervision and a suspended execution of sentence.

Barnett said Nespor was picked up in Minnehaha County on Sept. 3.

He said the presentence investigation was clear that Nespor was selling marijuana for profit and he is not addicted or doing any drugs himself, proven by consistently clear drug tests.

"He is a pure for-profit drug dealer at 18," Barnett said. "He has all kinds of problems, but he is well on his way down a path of criminal thinking."

Judge Tim Bjorkman sentenced Nespor to two years in prison for the possession conviction and five years in prison for the distribution or possession conviction. The sentences are to run consecutively.

"I'm mindful of your young age, but I'm convinced you've been selling drugs for profit in this community for at least a year," Bjorkman said. "Your conduct, in my view, is a blight on our society."

Bjorkman also ordered Nespor pay $104 in court costs and $418.47 in prosecution costs.

Nespor will be eligible for parole approximately by September 2015.