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Bullet strikes Mitchell home

A high-powered rifle round struck a home Friday evening in Mitchell, but nobody was injured and police believe it was accidental.

The round pierced a window with two panes of glass at Richard and Sheri VanOverschelde's home. Detective Lt. Don Everson, of the Mitchell Police Division, said there were people home during the incident and a person was in the room where the bullet pierced the window.

Everson, who declined to go into detail about what type of rifle was used or where the bullet lodged, said the case is still under investigation.

"We don't believe it was intentional," he said. "We are trying to identify where the round came from. We believe someone was shooting north of town toward the south."

At 8:07 p.m., dispatchers received the report, which came from 1125 Chalkstone Drive.

Sheri VanOverschelde confirmed the bullet struck her home -- which is in the northeast part of the city near Firesteel Creek -- but declined further comment since the case remains under investigation.