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Colton man accused of beating child with clothes hanger

A Colton man is accused of beating his girlfriend's young child with a clothes hanger.

According to court documents, Christopher Dreyer, 21, admitted to spanking the child with a plastic clothes hanger seven or eight times because the child "destroyed" the house. He is charged with abuse or cruelty to a minor, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison, a $20,000 fine or both.

On Aug. 17, Mitchell Police Officer Terrance Reyelts was investigating an unrelated case when he saw pictures of the victim on a cell phone. The pictures showed large welts on the child's back and behind, court documents say.

Reyelts found out whose child it was and contacted the mother. She allegedly reported her boyfriend, Dreyer, disciplined the child for putting holes in the walls and tearing down a clothes hanger rod in a closet.

The documents further state Dreyer admitted "things had gotten 'out of hand' and that he did not realize how much he had hurt the juvenile until after the event."

Dreyer was arrested Aug. 22 and has been released on a personal recognizance bond. He is scheduled for a court appearance in September.