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Judge orders Yankton man to stop procreating

A judge Tuesday in Mitchell ordered a man to avoid impregnating women.

Judge Tim Bjorkman’s list of conditions for suspending Carlos Claudio’s prison time included standard items, such as the paying of court costs and fines, and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

There was also a rare stipulation:

“You will use your best efforts to avoid procreation while on probation,” Bjorkman said.

Claudio has three children with three women, which Bjorkman said places extra financial burden on Claudio, preventing him from being able to pay costs and fines on time.

“Do you think it’s reasonable to stop having children while on probation?” Bjorkman asked Claudio.

“Yes. I never planned to have kids, really. It just came up,” Claudio said.

 Claudio, 26, of Yankton, was arrested in April and later convicted of possessing methamphetamine during a traffic stop on state Highway 37 in Davison County.

 Judge Bjorkman suspended a three-year prison sentence and instead sentenced Claudio to 90 days in jail, with four days of credit for time served. Since Claudio is working and it is his first felony conviction, Bjorkman will allow Claudio to serve his first 26 days on weekends to begin Friday in Davison County. He will serve his second 30 days starting July 1, 2014, and his final 30 days starting July 1, 2015.

 Other conditions of the sentence include paying a $500 fine, $104 in court costs, $136.40 in prosecution costs and an undisclosed amount of back courtappointed attorney fees. He must not use drugs or alcohol or gamble, and he must obtain counseling, obtain a chemical dependency evaluation and use his best efforts to obtain a GED. Any violation of the sentencing stipulations could result in the suspended prison time being reimposed.

 Bjorkman also released $625 confiscated from Claudio at the time of his arrest. That money will be applied toward the fines and costs.