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Wade Musick pleads guilty

Mitchell resident Wade Musick entered a guilty plea and paid a $120 fine in a Pennington County court Tuesday on a misdemeanor charge that he illegally used dogs to hunt mountain lions.

Musick was not present at the hearing, but was represented by Spearfish attorney Matthew Kinney, who submitted his client's guilty plea before Magistrate Judge Scott Bogue.

"Wade decided he didn't want to fight the case anymore and have the expense of going to trial," Kinney said.

The disposition of the charge will not result in a revocation of Musick's hunting privileges, Kinney said. "It's just a $120 fine and that's what he paid."

Kinney said Musick has always contended that his dogs were legally hunting bobcats Feb. 1 when they inadvertently treed the lion.

Musick left the area, Kinney said, but his hunting companions remained, and reportedly shot the treed lion. Kinney said he was retained because it was uncertain how far the Department of Game, Fish & Parks wanted to take the case.

"I've been assured that there will be no revocation of hunting privileges," Kinney said. "It's basically an administrative code violation and he just paid the ticket."