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Man accused of hitting another man with pickup pleads not guilty

A local man pleaded not guilty Tuesday to allegedly hitting another man with a pickup at a rural residence west of Mitchell.

Max Mohr, 21, of Mitchell, was arrested March 3 and charged with aggravated assault and intentional property damage, both felonies.

The charges stem from an incident in which Mohr was attempting to get into his ex-girlfriend's home, located at 2205 W. Eighth Ave., without permission, court documents say. Mohr broke the front door's frame and decorative window in his attempt to enter the residence.

Mohr's ex-girlfriend called a neighbor for help, and when the neighbor arrived Mohr got in his pickup and attempted to leave. The neighbor blocked the driveway with his own pickup to keep Mohr from leaving, court documents say.

The neighbor got out of his pickup to speak with Mohr, but Mohr backed his pickup away and then drove forward and pulled around the driver's side of the neighbor's pickup, then struck the neighbor at about 10 to 20 mph, court documents say. The neighbor was knocked onto the hood of Mohr's vehicle, then slid off the driver's side and onto the ground.

Mohr allegedly drove away without checking on the neighbor, who suffered injuries to both knees, his right thigh and shoulder.

Mohr is scheduled to stand trial in August.