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Sioux Falls man held for detox, psych evaluation after suicide threat

WHITE LAKE -- A Sioux Falls man is being held at Davison County Jail for detox and for a psychological evaluation regarding a 911 call Sunday afternoon in Aurora County.

Ricky Bohannon, 59, was staying with a friend in White Lake when he talked about committing suicide Sunday. The friend called 911 at noon to report the incident, said Dept. Preston Crissey of the Aurora County Sheriff 's Office.

Bohannon is currently on federal probation for life in connection with a homicide that took place while he was in prison, Crissey said.

Crissey responded to the call and called for backup because Bohannon was intoxicated and there were firearms in the house. Crissey ran a background check on Bohannon and found out he is on federal probation.

It took some time to make contact with Bohannon because he had fallen asleep. Finally he woke up and answered his phone, Crissey said.

He added Aurora County has a hold on Bohannon for now and is in contact with Bohannon's probation officer.