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Mitchell man arrested for failing to register as sex offender

The Mitchell Police Division arrested Victor Lornezo Terry, 52, on Wednesday for failure to register as a convicted sex offender and for residing in a community safety zone as a convicted sex offender.

Terry moved from North Carolina to Mitchell on Friday and failed to register with police within three days of moving, as required by state law.

At the time of his arrest, Terry was residing on the 1100 block of East First Avenue, which is within 500 feet of Hitchcock Park, a community safety zone.

Terry was convicted of the offense of rape of a child in 1990, which involved a 13-yearold girl, and he was also convicted of robbery in 1996.

Both of the new charges against Terry are Class 6 felonies. Each charge is punishable by two years incarceration in the state penitentiary and a $4,000 fine.