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Aberdeen wind energy plant closing, leaving 409 out of work

ABERDEEN, S.D. -- A wind energy blade manufacturing company in Aberdeen is closing early next year, leaving 409 people out of work.

Employees were told in a meeting early Wednesday morning.

The company, called Molded Fiber Glass and a staple in the northeastern South Dakota city since 2008, has been making 187 foot blades for General Electric, according to a report in the Aberdeen American News.

General Electric was the company’s only client and they plan to work with LM Wind Power, a company they purchased in October 2016 for $1.65 billion, to make the blades.

Also affecting the shutdown was the phasing out of the renewable electricity production tax credit given to companies that manufacture for the wind energy industry.

Aberdeen officials told the newspaper that the company tried to find a buyer, but was unsuccessful. They also said the city is looking at three new companies that may locate there.

Based in Ohio, the company also operates in Alabama, California, Kansas North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas as well as having one in Mexico.