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Woman arrested after leaving children outside while intoxicated

CHAMBERLAIN — A Chamberlain woman was arrested for child abuse after allegedly letting her children go outside unattended while she was asleep and intoxicated.

Jasmine Hawk, 22, was arrested on June 17 after a neighbor allegedly found Hawk's oldest child, a 3-year-old, with a full diaper, and Hawk's youngest, a 1-year-old, with no clothes on outside a residence on South Grace Street in Chamberlain.

When law enforcement arrived, an officer struggled to wake Hawk, but when she did, she allegedly admitted to drinking two six packs.

The South Dakota Department of Social Services took the children and placed them in the custody of Hawk's mother.

Hawk is charged with abuse or cruelty to a minor under 7 years old, a class 3 felony, punishable upon conviction by up to 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.