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Mitchell man in jail charged with simple assault

A Mitchell man convicted of a meth possession on Aug. 12 has now been charged with simple assault for beating a fellow inmate.

Robert Pomani, 33, was sentenced to two years in prison for possessing methamphetamine. While awaiting transport to a state prison, Pomani is being held in the Davison County Jail.

One day after being sentenced for meth possession, he beat up a fellow inmate, according to court documents. Pomani apparently pushed the inmate, Christopher Dreyer, off a stool and onto the floor, punched him six times in the face and pulled him by his head onto the ground once.

Dreyer — convicted of hitting a child with a plastic coat hanger — didn't fight back, court documents say.

During his sentencing hearing on Aug. 12, Pomani said he lost a lot in his life because of his addictions. He asked for a chance to be on probation to show he could be a productive member of society.

His attorney, Keith Goehring, of Parkston, told Judge Bjorkman during sentencing that Pomani was doing well in jail until July, when he was "very disrespectful to two jailers."

"He wrote apology letters to the jailers. I believe he was very sincere and felt bad for it," Goehring said.

Assistant South Dakota Attorney General Doug Barnett said Pomani's actions while in jail illustrates his issues with authority.

"He has not pleaded guilty in a reckless burning case that is being dismissed as part of the plea agreement in this case. However, that is part of his history," Barnett said.

He asked that Pomani be sentenced to prison because Pomani had been given many chances to change his behavior and drug and alcohol addictions.

When Pomani was sentenced, Judge Tim Bjorkman ordered Pomani must follow all state, federal and local laws. In assaulting his fellow inmate, he violated the conditions of his sentence which say he must obey all local, state and federal laws.

Any punishment received from this charge could be added to his prison time.