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Mitchell man accused of making lewd calls

A Mitchell man is accused of making lewd phone calls to a customer after she left the business he works at.

Nicholas Koepsell, 36, picked up a woman's vehicle at her home on July 25 to have the windshield fixed. He got the 60-year-old woman's contact information from his workplace and texted her after he returned his vehicle, according to court documents.

He sent her a text message saying she looked "sexy," documents say. He then called the woman and propositioned her for sex. The woman declined and hung up.

Court documents say he called her back, apologized, but made more lewd comments. After the woman asked Koepsell who he was, he stated he was "just in her house and wanted to know if she needed anything before he left," according to court documents.

The woman then called law enforcement to report the incident, stating she was scared because she was alone and thought someone might be in the house with her.

Law enforcement tracked down Koepsell, who initially denied making calls or sending texts to the woman. He eventually admitted, according to court documents, that he called and texted the victim propositioning her for sex, but he didn't know why he did it.

Law enforcement asked for Koepsell's phone, but he told them he destroyed it and threw it in the trash as work. Officers retrieved the phone, which only consisted of the screen and case.

Koepsell told police that "he destroyed the phone because he did not want to be caught with the phone in his possession due to his involvement in the case," according to court documents.

Koepsell is charged with threatening or harassing contacts by telephone or other electronic communication, a misdemeanor, which carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.