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American Bank & Trust matches employee donations to Wessington Springs Tornado Relief and Fire Department

American Bank & Trust recently presented a check to the city of Wessington Springs and the Wessington Springs Volunteer Fire Department for $17,650.

The funds raised were the result of American Bank & Trust agreeing to match every dollar of donations made by employees of the nine bank locations.

The employee’s portion of the donations, $8,825, was allocated to the city of Wessington Springs Tornado Relief Fund, and the funds matched by the bank ($8,825.00) were donated to the Volunteer Fire Department.

“Our employees from all locations were reaching out and asking for ways to help the Wessington Springs area,” stated Lynn Schneider, CEO, American Bank & Trust.

“American Bank & Trust has served as the Wessington Springs hometown bank for generations, and we are dedicated to serving this community far into the future.

“Giving back in time of need is a way for us to display our hometown spirit to the residents of Wessington Springs.”

The bank was interested in donating its portion to the Volunteer Fire Department because of the resources that the rescue and response team depleted during their relief efforts.

Items like fuel, tools and miscellaneous equipment were used by the Fire Department during clean up.

The monetary donation from American Bank & Trust will aid in restocking these items for the volunteers and their department.

— Source: American Bank & Trust