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Woman sues Cabela's for wrist injury

An Alexandria woman is suing Cabela's in Mitchell because a metal hitch fell from a shelf and injured her arm and wrist.

Annette Steilen claims she was in the Mitchell retail store on June 7, 2012, when her shoulder brushed "against a heavy steel receiver hitch." The hitch fell from a wire shelf, according to court documents, and struck Steilen's left wrist and arm before falling on the floor.

The case was filed in June, and Cabela's filed a response to the allegations in July, denying negligence.

The injury has caused Steilen significant pain and debilitating injury, according to court documents, for which she is asking monetary compensation from the Nebraska-based company.

She claims the hitch was "negligently placed for display" or the wire shelving was not the right kind to use to display such heavy items as steel receiver hitches. Court documents state Cabela's personnel took an injury report and then suggested Steilen visit the emergency room in Mitchell for medical treatment.

Steilen claims Cabela's should have known better than to place the hitches on the wire shelving unit. Court documents further claim Steilen "has lost partial function of her left arm/wrist and hand area," which has led to "limiting and medically recognized work restrictions." Steilen is left-handed.

Steilen claims Cabela's has "wrongfully denied any payment or reimbursement" related to the injury. She also claims the injury has damaged her "personal or professional reputation with individuals or businesses" Steilen has done business with because she's wrongfully incurred high expenses from her injury.

She is asking for "a monetary judgment equivalent to her past injuries and damages" and to "recover all her costs and expenses" incurred through prosecution of the case.

In response, Cabela's claimed Steilen did not have a claim upon which relief can be granted. Cabela's denied any negligence and claims Steilen's own negligence led to the injury she suffered in the store. Cabela's alleges Steilen didn't suffer "in the manner or to the extent claimed." The company also denies any obligation to pay for Steilen's injury or damage to her reputation.