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New book by Hutterite nine looks at how colonies function today

A group of men and women who left their Hutterite colonies in North Dakota and Canada several years ago have written a second book about their journeys.

"Since We Told The Truth" gives a more in-depth look at how a colony functions now, compared to its roots in Godly principles, said Junia Waldner, one of the women involved with the books.

The nine include sisters Cindy, Junia and Karen Waldner, brothers Jason and Titus Waldner, brother and sisters Rodney, Darlene and Sheryl Waldner, and Glenda Maendel.

The group's first book, "Hutterites: Our Story To Freedom" was so popular, Junia Waldner said, that readers asked them to write a second book.

"We describe how the colony started out founded on Godly principles, but when they went off that it wasn't right any more," Junia Waldner said. "They went by certain laws, but then they made up their own laws."

This book also talks about division among Christians and how to resolve that.

Darlene Walder, cousin to Junia, said the book gives an insight into the struggles each member went through as a Hutterite. She said many readers relate to the stories, whether it be through struggles at their church, work or school.

"In our hearts, we hope to encourage people to stand up and speak the truth about God. If they want things to change, we have to make that first step to make change," Junia Waldner said. "Encouragement from the first book helped us stand strong and continue to speak the truth."

Members of the nine will hold a book signing from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday at The Reader's Den in Mitchell.