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Cabela's thief sentenced to jail time

A Florida man was sentenced on Tuesday to 90 days in jail for stealing from Cabela's in Mitchell.

Yuseff Elias, 28, of Miami, Fla., pleaded guilty in May to grand theft. He was arrested in December after playing a part in taking more than $8,000 worth of merchandise from Cabela's. In exchange for his guilty plea to grand theft, an identity theft charge was dropped.

On Tuesday, during court at the Davison County Public Safety Center in Mitchell, Elias was sentenced to 90 days in jail and one year of probation. He must also continue to cooperate in the prosecution of his co-defendant and in any federal investigations.

Judge Tim Bjorkman also ordered Elias pay a $2,000 fine on top of court costs and court-appointed attorney fees. Elias also cannot enter any Cabela's store for the next year.

Elias' attorney, Doug Papendick, asked for a suspended imposition of sentence for his client, stating this is Elias' first felony conviction -- which means if he abides by all the rules of his probation period, he would have the chance to clear the felony from his record.

The judge disagreed.

"I don't think this warrants a suspended imposition of sentence," said Judge Tim Bjorkman. "Whether you were a bit player or not, this was a very offensive type of crime that was part of a larger web of crimes. You participated willingly, so I'm going to deny any suspended imposition."