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Woman accused of swinging ax at boyfriend

A Colome woman is accused of swinging an ax at her boyfriend during an argument.

Samantha Crippen, 22, was arrested in early May for domestic aggravated assault.

According to court documents, Crippen and her boyfriend argued, then Crippen allegedly found an ax and swung it at her boyfriend, whose parents witnessed the act.

The boyfriend told law enforcement Crippen grabbed an ax and shook it in front of his face. But he said Crippen "would never hit him because she would be in a lot of trouble then," according to court documents. He told law enforcement the two weren't supposed to see each other, because she assaulted him in April in Lawrence, Kan.

When law enforcement found Crippen at a friend's house, a Tripp County deputy asked Crippen whether she'd been arrested recently, according to court documents. Crippen said she'd been arrested two years ago. Law enforcement found in a search of her criminal history that Crippen was arrested April 2 on domestic battery charges.

The aggravated assault charge carries a maximum penalty upon conviction of 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine.