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MMS student takes second place in national reading contest

Jamison Gross, a student at Mitchell Middle School, has won second place in the "Healers Trilogy Teen Reading Contest," sponsored by the author of "The Healers", Donna Labermeier.

For his efforts, Gross has earned a $3,000 cash prize with $1,500 of it earmarked for the Mitchell Middle School Library and the remaining $1,500 for himself.

Gross was one of thousands of teens in grades six through 12 from 40 states and Canada, who read the book and then expressed themselves about their reading through art, music, drawing, speech and more.

Labermeier, author and philanthropist created the project to help fight for teen literacy .

"If I can make a small difference and get even one child to love reading then it's all worth it," Labermeier said. "We're hoping kids will be enticed by the cash and prizes, but then realize that a book can be as exciting as their favorite movies or TV shows."

There were six top prizes: first, $5,000; second, $3,000; and third, $1,000 for high school and middle school entries.

Every child who sent in a creative entry will receive a copy of the second book "The Healers: Waters of Life."