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Buechler serving 10 days for misdemeanor conviction

A former Mitchell pharmacist turned himself into the Davison County Jail on Monday to serve a 10-day sentence for a misdemeanor conviction.

Jim Buechler, 60, pleaded guilty in magistrate court on May 29 to misprision of a felony, which means he knew a felony had been committed but concealed it and didn't alert authorities.

He was originally charged with possession of a controlled substance and grand theft, both felonies. Those charges were dropped last month for his plea to the misdemeanor conviction, which carries a maximum penalty of one year in county jail and a $2,000 fine.

Buechler was accused of taking about $3,500 worth of pills from Walgreen's pharmacy over a long period of time while working there as a pharmacist, according to court documents. He was arrested Jan. 23 and was released that same day on a personal recognizance bond. He is no longer employed by Walgreen's.

Judge Gordon Swanson sentenced Buechler on May 29 to 90 days in jail, but suspended 80 of those days. He also ordered Buechler pay a $500 fine, $84 in court costs, $60 in restitution to the James Valley Drug Task Force and $3,875.14 in restitution to Walgreens. According to court documents, Buechler has paid all his fines and costs. He will also be on probation for 360 days.