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Farmers, rural residents asked to move hay bales, personal property out of fence lines

The Davison County Board of Commissioners and the Highway Department are requesting that farmers and rural residents move their hay bales and personal property out of the fence lines by Oct. 31.

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Hay stacked and other objects in the fence lines catch snow, causing it to drift onto roadways, making them impassable and causing damage to the road.

The snow removal procedure for Davison County is as follows:

1. Oil roads will be cleared first.

2. County gravel roads will be cleared after the oils.

3. Township roads will be cleared after the county gravel roads, with priority going to the school bus routes and the mail routes

In the event of an emergency, Davison County will follow a strict plan for snow removal. County Highway Superintendent Rusty Weinberg said the county’s priorities for emergency snow removal will be human life and needs, livestock needs, main county roads, school bus routes and then mail routes — in that order. Sanding is done on hills, curves, bridges, intersections and railroad crossings.

Weinberg said public funds cannot be used to remove snow from private property unless there is an emergency. Emergency calls would include things like an illness that needs to be attended to by a doctor.

Relief equipment, ambulances, fuel trucks or a veterinarian will accompany snow removal equipment to the site of an emergency if the need arises.

During blizzard periods, only emergencies that are a danger to human life will be considered for snow removal.

Calls for emergency aid will be checked and snow removal from private property for a false emergency will be billed for the snow removal.

Callers will be asked to provide their name, nature of request, the assistance required and the exact location.

The Davison County Highway Department and the Board of County Commissioners also want to remind the public of the following ordinance.

Placing snow from private property onto public roads and rights-of-way.

Section 1. No person shall remove snow from private property and place the same upon the public roads and rights-of-way, within Davison County.

Section 2. The penalty for a violation of this ordinance subjects the violator to a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100), or by imprisonment for a period of not exceeding thirty (30) days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Section 3. That this ordinance is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety and for the support of the county government, and accordingly, this ordinance is declared an emergency measure, and shall take effect immediately upon its passage, adoption and publication.

— Source: Davison County Highway Department