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Secondary sellers overcharging for Corn Palace show tickets

A woman unwittingly spent $140 over face value for Corn Palace concert tickets Friday afternoon because she purchased them from a secondary seller.

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The woman questioned the price after seeing a lower price printed in The Daily Republic. Corn Palace Director Mark Schilling said he’s learned people are overcharged from secondary sellers about five to 10 times per show.

He’s traced the ticket sales to companies in Chicago and New York.

Looking to buy tickets for the Dec. 19 Kenny Rogers Christmas and Hits Tour, the woman paid about $250 for two seats.

When she tried to look up the Corn Palace box office’s phone number online, she didn’t call the Corn Palace.

Instead, she called Box Office Tickets, a company that sells tickets for venues across the United States.

Had she called the actual Corn Palace box office, the tickets would have cost $55 apiece, or $110 total.

“This woman called a number that isn’t our box office,” Schilling said.

“When they’re on the phone with someone who wants tickets, they’ll go to our website and purchase tickets from us. They’ll then mark up the tickets with fees and put whatever amount they want on it. Then, they’ll email the person who is on the phone the tickets, and it’s an actual ticket to our venue that will get them into the concert.”

Schilling said he won’t be able to refund the woman’s money or help her cancel the order.

He said the best way to avoid getting overcharged is to make sure to visit the actual Corn Palace website instead of a secondary ticketing source.

He said local people calling the Corn Palace should make sure the number has a 605 area code.

“Unfortunately, this woman will have to live and learn,” Schilling said.

No information on the legality of the ticket reseller’s activities was immediately available.