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Mitchell Camera Club announces contest results

First place print, Close Moon Path, by Betsy Petersen.1 / 2
First place projected, Stormy Weather, by Chris Geroy.2 / 2

The Mitchell Camera Club met for the first time this season at the County Fair Banquet Hall September 3rd. Everyone discussed their summer with each other.

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This month’s category was “Open." October’s category is “Deep depth of field” which was discussed at the meeting. There were a couple of new faces and we encourage new members to join. The Club would also like to thank County Fair for the use of the hall. Here are the results of this month’s category.


1st “Close Moon Path” by Betsy Petersen

2nd “8 Seconds” by Chris Geroy

3rd “Car Hop at Booms” by Rick Petersen

1st HM “Evening at Lake Mitchell” by Rick Petersen

2nd HM “Kayla” by Shannon Jones

3rd HM “Ruby and Ford Tri-Motor” by Betsy Petersen

Projected Images:

1st “Stormy Weather” by Chris Geroy

2nd “Pistol & Stamen” by Jim Kost

3rd “Scottsbluff” by Jim Kost

1st HM “Ain’t I Cute” by Ty Smith

2nd HM “Polly the Pup” by Shannon Jones

3rd HM “Play Day at Dusk” by Dean Randall

There are no results for N4C this month.

Winners of N4C best of show for 2011-2012 can be seen at www.N4C.US . Last years winners will be posted October this year. Also the monthly digital winners are posted there as well. Check out the Mitchell Camera Club website @ We are on Face Book as well.

If anyone would like to join the camera club, please contact Ty Smith @ 999-1338, Jim Kost @ 996-0128 or Dean Randall @ 449-4483. New members are always welcome. Or if you’re not sure of joining you may sit in and watch and see how we judge and score these photos. Our meetings are the 1st Thursday of every month @ 7:00PM starting in September through May.