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GLAD YOU ASKED: DWU enrollment

Q. If Dakota Wesleyan University's enrollment is more than 800, how is it that there are only 170 freshmen? You would think there would be 250-300 freshmen. Isn't the freshman class usually the largest, because of natural attrition over time?

A. The following written answer comes from Mari Olson, a DWU public relations specialist.

"Actually, DWU's freshman class usually holds steady around that 170 mark (at least since 2009, when I began here), last year being an exception with 206.

"Our current enrollment is high because our retention rate is the highest it has ever been -- 77 percent of last year's freshmen returned this year as sophomores, and we have also added an M.B.A. as part of our Digital DWU online initiative. Although not counted in the freshman number, we also have new students who have transferred to DWU and who may fall into any of our classes or the online programs.

"The 873 students include Mitchell, Sioux Falls, Huron [the university has satellite sites in the latter two cities] and Digital DWU -- which includes the bachelor of science degree in nursing and the new master of business administration."

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