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GLAD YOU ASKED: Picnic shelter was Eagle Scout project in '90s

Q. Lee Young built a shelter at the Lake Mitchell Sportsmen's Club during the 1990s for his Eagle Scout project. Recently, the shelter was torn down and Lee was not notified. Why was this done, and why wasn't he notified?

A. Dusty Rodiek, Mitchell's director of parks, recreation and forestry, provided the following response by email.

"The shelter that was removed is scheduled to be replaced with a much larger shelter that is to be funded by the local Pheasants Forever chapter later this summer.

"As for why Lee was not notified, the best answer I can give you is that no one was aware that it had been an Eagle Scout project or who built it. Prior to the removal, I specifically asked staff, Park Board members and looked through old files to see if I could find any info on it.

"Myself and a couple others even looked over the shelter itself to see if there was any sort of plaque identifying its origins. Had we been aware, we certainly would have contacted Mr. Young."

Rodiek said since he's now aware of the shelter's history, he'd like to contact Young to speak about the situation.