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Parents sue their daughter

MOUNT VERNON -- A rural Huron couple who loaned their daughter and her husband nearly $32,000 worth of livestock and farm equipment have filed a lawsuit demanding the property be returned.

In a complaint filed June 20, Joseph and Sharon Rex, of rural Huron, claim their daughter, Melissa Peterson, and her husband, Jeremiah Peterson, of rural Mount Vernon, have refused to return approximately $31,735 worth of farm equipment and livestock, including 24 sheep and two calves, and may have sold some of the property without permission.

The Rexes claim in court documents they also loaned the Petersons a 1962 John Deere Tractor, valued at $6,500, a Case 1825 Skid Loader, valued at $5,000, as well as several trailers, mowers and other equipment.

According to an affidavit of Sharon Rex, which is included among court documents related to the case, Melissa Peterson has told other people that her husband has already sold the skid loader. Rex claims that because much of the loaned property can no longer be seen at her daughter's residence, other items may have been illegally sold as well.

"It is my belief that neither of the (Petersons) are currently employed full-time and have struggled financially," Rex says in the affidavit. "There is a great chance that additional personal property and livestock may be illegally sold."

The Rexes have asked the court to order their property be returned, or for money to pay for any items that may have been illegally sold, according to court documents.

The Petersons have yet to file a response to the complaint.