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Some major Sioux Falls road projects starting late

SIOUX FALLS (AP) -- Some of the 22 major road construction projects planned this season in South Dakota's largest city are starting later than expected because of prolonged winter weather, but they should be completed on time.

Contractors should be able to make up the time lost to snow and ice storms late last month, Brad Ludens, Sioux Falls' principal city engineer, told the Argus Leader newspaper.

"Most of our larger construction contracts have firm completion dates regardless of weather, so the contractors must account for a number of non-workable days due to weather when they bid a project," he said.

Travis Dressen, a Sioux Falls area engineer with the state Department of Transportation, said some projects with a Sioux Falls connection started a week and a half late because of the weather. Crews usually adjust schedules to meet completion dates.

He said winter lasted a little longer than expected, but "it's still early in the year, so there's a lot of summer left to try to make it up."

The total amount of new city projects and joint city-state projects in Sioux Falls is $63.2 million. The figure does not include work on road construction projects that were started last year.