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Avera buys land near Cabela's

Avera Queen of Peace plans to develop a 30-acre parcel of land near Cabela's.

The plan surfaced during a public meeting Tuesday at the Davison County Courthouse in Mitchell, where Avera, a nonprofit, sought and received tax-exempt status on the land.

"It is undecided at this time what will be developed there," said Trish Delaney, vice president of marketing and foundation at Avera Queen of Peace, in a brief phone interview with The Daily Republic. "We've been working with the board, employees and physicians to determine the appropriateness of what to locate on the land. ... We're being very visionary on what we're thinking of locating there."

Avera Queen of Peace bought the land from the Mitchell Area Development Corp. within the last six months for $1.6 million. The land is located on what's legally described as Lot 5 of the Cabela's First Addition. Lot 5A contains Farm Credit Services and was carved out of the northeast corner of Lot 5.

The land was meant to be developed as a business park, but nothing was moving forward, said Bryan Hisel, executive director of the development corporation.

"When Avera Queen of Peace came to us and said, 'We'd like to develop that area,' we thought it was a great match," Hisel said. "They have the same goals in terms of a business park, so we're glad to sell that property to Queen of Peace."

The entire plot of land, including the Farm Credit Services land, is approximately 34 acres. The development corporation acquired the land in 2005.

The development corporation will apply the $1.6 million toward other economic development projects in the future, Hisel said.