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Mitchell school administrators awarded raises

The Mitchell Board of Education approved raises of $1,500 for multiple administrators Monday night during a meeting at the Mitchell Career and Technical Education Academy.

Superintendent Joe Graves said the raises are based on comparable salaries paid to administrators in eastern South Dakota schools, as well as a few other schools of similar size in the state.

"We try to make sure our people are comparably paid to them," he said.

The following administrators, listed with their salary prior to the raise, were approved for $1,500 raises for the 2013-2014 school year: Craig Mock, MHS assistant principal ($71,981); Shane Thill, Second Chance High director ($60,450); Brad Berens, Mitchell Middle School principal ($75,425); Lisa Heckenlaible, MMS assistant principal ($54,750); Vicki Harmdierks, Gertie Belle Rogers principal ($67,350); Becky Roth, L.B. Williams principal ($67,350); and Sean Moen, food service director ($59,125). The board approved a $750 raise for MCTEA Director Denise Hoffman, since that is a halftime position.

The board approved $2,000 raises for Business Manager Steve Culhane, whose salary before the raise was $88,500, and Activities Director Geoff Gross, who had a salary of $66,850 prior to the raise.

In other personnel items, Graves said the district has completed hiring about two-thirds of its needed teachers for 2013-2014 school year.

He said retirements increased this year among veteran teachers once there was a general sense the economic recession is coming to an end.