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Mitchell man arrested for allegedly breaking into garage

The Mitchell Police Division arrested an intoxicated man shortly before 4 a.m. Saturday for allegedly breaking into a garage at 1123 S. Duff St. and falling asleep inside a vehicle.

Cody James LaCompte, 20, of Mitchell, is charged with entering or remaining in a building, a misdemeanor with a maximum punishment of one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. LaCompte is also charged with intentional property damage and underage possession and consumption of alcohol, misdemeanors with a maximum punishment of 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.

According to Mitchell Police Lt. Detective Don Everson, the charges stem from an incident that occurred when the Mitchell Police Division received a report of a burglary in progress at 3:42 a.m. at 1123 S. Duff St. When officers arrived, they allegedly found LaCompte asleep inside a vehicle in the garage, which appeared to have been forcibly entered.

LaCompte was not charged with burglary because he appeared to be highly intoxicated and it didn't appear he stole anything, Everson said.