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GLAD YOU ASKED: Daily hunt-fish limit rule could change if bill passes

Q. When hunting or fishing in a group, how are you supposed to manage daily limits? Does each person have to stop shooting and fishing when they've reached their personal limit, or can everybody keep going until the group's total limit is reached?

A. According to Chuck Schlueter, communications manager for the Wildlife Division of the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks, daily limits are specific to an individual and it is up to the individual to monitor his or her take of game and fish.

"An individual must stop hunting or fishing for a specific species of game or fish when they have reached their daily limit," Schlueter said.

Depending on the outcome of House Bill 1149, currently before the Legislature, that may change. The bill has passed the House and is scheduled to be on the Senate floor Monday.

The bill would allow small-game hunters in groups, as well as anglers in groups who fish from a single watercraft, to take more than their individual daily limit as long as the group's total limit is not exceeded.

The exception would not apply to big-game or migratory bird hunting, or to hunters or anglers who hunt or fish in more than one party in one day.