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Lack of funding cancels Crazy Horse journalism workshop

SIOUX FALLS (AP) -- An annual workshop to promote diversity and encourage Native Americans to enter the journalism field has been canceled this spring because of a lack of money, the president of the organization that provides funding said.

Freedom Forum Diversity Institute president Jack Marsh told the media that the Crazy Horse Journalism Workshop will be cancelled this spring and a committee will convene in the summer to discuss the program's future.

The institute provides the funding for the event, which is put on by the South Dakota Newspaper Association and held at the Crazy Horse Memorial. The workshop was started in 2000 to promote diversity in the journalism field.

"The responsible thing to do was not to proceed since we couldn't balance our budget," Marsh said. "Fundraising is a challenge and it's a fairly expensive workshop to put on because we covered all the expenses for the students and mostly their teachers who serve as chaperones.

"We looked at ways we could reduce our costs, which we had planned to do, but we just couldn't raise enough money to cover the full costs."

Marsh said the budget for the workshop was expected to be about $35,000.

The American Indian Journalism Institute, an academic and internship program to recruit and retain Native American journalists, also has been suspended this summer. Marsh is retiring in 2014, and said he is no longer is heading the Freedom Forum's diversity efforts because he is transitioning into a new position with the organization.