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McGovern's remains to be buried in DC

George McGovern

George McGovern's cremated remains will be buried early next year in a historic Washington, D.C., cemetery.

The cremains are now in Sioux Falls, where he died Oct. 21 at the age of 90.

McGovern's daughter, Ann McGovern, and her nephew, Matt McGovern, have homes in Sioux Falls, and both spent a great deal of time with McGovern in his final years. McGovern, who had five children, is survived by two other daughters, Susan and Mary.

"We plan to do it sometime in mid-February," Matt McGovern said of the burial. "It's just a matter of when we can come together to do it. He's been cremated. It's something he decided to do."

McGovern had considered being buried in Mitchell, the town where he grew up, attended college, worked as a young man, and returned to in the twilight of his life to help build a library and center for leadership and public service on the Dakota Wesleyan University campus.

When his wife Eleanor died at 85 on Jan. 25, 2007, she was originally interred at City Cemetery in Mitchell, but her remains were moved to Rock Creek Cemetery later that year.

The McGoverns' daughter Terry was buried in Rock Creek after she died at 45 on Dec. 13, 1994, in Wisconsin.

Their son Steven, who died on July 27 in a South Dakota hospice at the age of 60, will be interred with his father, according to Matt McGovern.

Rock Creek Cemetery opened in 1719, and among the noted people interred there are celebrated writers Gore Vidal, Upton Sinclair and Henry Adams, politicians including Sen. Burton K. Wheeler, a Democrat from Montana, and Supreme Court Chief Justice Harlan Fiske Stone.