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Two damaged dams receive water district funds for repairs

HURON -- The James River Water Development District Board of Directors approved funding for work on two dams in Hutchinson County at their semi-monthly meeting in Huron Tuesday morning.

The first, a breached dam located six miles west of Olivet on Lone Tree Creek, was approved for half the cost of the repairing it, or $12,320. James River Water Development District Manager Dave Bartel said it appears the dam has been breached for several years and repairing it will be beneficial for wildlife in the area.

The dam is privately owned, and the trust that owns it will cover the other half of the repair costs.

"It has a very nice CRP area below it that will really benefit from this dam being functional again," Bartel said.

The board approved helping pay for repairs to a second dam in Hutchinson County. It's located southeast of Menno on a drainage area on Marlin Herrboldt's land.

"It's a dam that had an existing trickle tube but over the years washed out and needed to be reinforced," Bartel said. The board approved $5,407, or half of the cost for that project. In other agenda items:

• $9,794 was approved contingent on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approval to help install tiling north of Letcher to prevent water from blocking access to the city. The total project is estimated at $78,370.

• Each of the nine counties in the James River Water Development District received $6,500 for tree planting efforts in the Conservation Districts.