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Fire departments fight grass blaze near Pukwana

PUKWANA -- Authorities believe a loose truck bearing scraped the road and caused sparks to shoot into a nearby field and ignited a series of grass fires at about 3 p.m. Friday north of Pukwana.

According to Brule County Emergency Manager Katheryn Benton, the first fires started along 350th Avenue approximately five miles north of Pukwana.

Firefighters from Pukwana, Kimball, Chamberlain, Reliance and Gann Valley all responded to the incident. They managed to stop the spread of the fires after about an hour, Benton said. She estimated it would take several more hours before firefighters completely extinguished the blaze.

No homes or other structures were ever in danger and no injuries have been reported, Benton said. No estimate of the number of acres burned was immediately available, but Benton described the fire as "widespread."