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Mitchell man denies having beer while jailed

A Mitchell man already sentenced to serve two years in prison for violating his probation is now denying he had a can of beer with him while serving time in jail.

Randall Putnam, 45, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a charge stemming from allegations he had a 24-ounce can of beer while an inmate at the Davison County Jail.

Putnam faces a maximum of two years in prison and a $4,000 fine if convicted of the felony.

Putnam admitted in June to violating multiple terms of his probation for a 2010 identity theft conviction and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and put on probation for two years.

On Sept. 6, Putnam was sentenced to two years in prison for consuming alcohol while on work release from jail.

A trial date is set for November.