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Aurora County still mulling appeal of $600,000 verdict

PLANKINTON -- The Aurora County Commission will decide soon whether to appeal a recent verdict ordering the county to pay $600,000 in damages to Thompson Farms.

The commission discussed the matter at its regular meeting Tuesday but did not reach a final decision, said commissioner Pat Cranny.

Though he could not give a specific date, Cranny said the county hopes to come to a decision in the near future.

Aurora County State's Attorney John Steele has taken the matter under advisement, Cranny said.

The county has 30 days from the date the formal judgment is entered to file an appeal.

A Yankton County jury decided July 27 that the county owed $600,000 in damages to Thompson Farms for a 1998 zoning ordinance capping dairy cow numbers.

A judge in an earlier trial ruled that the ordinance had deprived the Thompsons of their rights.