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Championship Bull Riding event to be held at Corn Palace

The Corn Palace is steering toward a new event this fall.

Mark Schilling, director for the Corn Palace, told The Daily Republic Tuesday that there is a promoter looking at bull riding in the Corn Palace.

Schilling said dates have been saved. The event can be found on the Championship Bull Riding website.

"We've got it on the books," Schilling said. "We've got the dates held if everything comes together."

The event is scheduled for September 28-29 and is listed as the Corn Palace Challenge on the CBR website. It will be part of the Horizon Series of the CBR.

Schilling said he is 99 percent sure the event will go on as scheduled. He is waiting to hear back from the promoter to make sure everything is a go.

"It's just a matter if something at the last minute would fall through on their end," Schilling said.

Schilling said the Corn Palace committee has looked at bringing bull riding in for some time.

"We've talked it through with our committee and it was given approval," he said.

"We've been working with our promoter and the contacts he has as far as how we're going to set this up and what kind of flooring we're going to use to protect the integrity of the building. We're making sure everything we're doing will make this a successful event for the promoter and the Corn Palace."

The CBR website has the event scheduled for a 7:30 p.m. start. Entrants for the competition must have a 2012 CBR Permit or CBR Card purchased.

Many CBR events are televised and Schilling said he is not sure if the event will be.

"That's a detail that the promoter is working on," he said.