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Former Powerball winner gets $5,000 grocery prize

Lori King, winner of the Farmers Feed Us $5,000 grocery gift cards, talks with Ethan farmer Lewis Bainbridge after receiving her prize Wednesday at County Fair Food Store in Mitchell. (Chris Huber/Republic Photo)

Apparently, lighting can strike the same place twice.

Eighteen years after Mitchell resident Lori King split a $100,000 Powerball lottery prize, she won $5,000 worth of grocery gift cards Wednesday to County Fair Food Store in Mitchell. The giveaway was held at County Fair and was a promotion of the South Dakota Farmers Feed US campaign.

King, a single mother, was thrilled.

"I jumped up and down for quite a while," she said. "It takes a lot to make it nowadays, and I am very grateful."

King plans to give some of the gift cards to her friends.

"There is more than enough to share," she said, "so why not?"

King said she would have a full shopping cart when she came back to County Fair after work, adding her strategy would be to start at the front and go down every aisle.

The Farmers Feed US campaign is affiliated with Ag United for South Dakota and is designed to educate people about what is happening on farms and where their food comes from.

Consumers were asked to go online to and watch one of eight videos about farmers in South Dakota and then register to win the grocery gift cards.

Kelly Nelson, outreach director for Ag United, said the promotion gave consumers a chance to get educated about their food.

"A lot of consumers now are two or three generations removed from farms, so it's important to know where their food is coming from and know that farmers are taking good care of their animals and the environment," Nelson said.

Lewis Bainbridge, a farmer from Ethan, was featured in one of the online videos and attended Wednesday's event.

"We want to show the consumers that we do produce the most wholesome, reasonable and nutritious food on Earth."

Ag United Executive Director Steve Dick said there were about 39,000 entries in the three-month promotion period.

"I don't think people spend as much time thinking about their food like they did 20 or 30 years ago, so it creates a disconnect, and it was great to see that many people watched the videos."

The videos featuring the eight farmers, including Chet Edinger, a wheat farmer from Mitchell, are still available to view at

Robin Schneider, of Humboldt, also won $5,000 in grocery gift cards, which were presented last week.