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Local group providing financial assistance to spay, neuter pets

Mitchell Animal Rescue announced Thursday in a news release that it has begun providing financial assistance to pet owners who need help getting their pets spayed or neutered.

The new effort is called "SNIP," which is an acronym for Spay Neuter Incentive Program. The program will pay a portion or the entire bill to spay or neuter a pet, based on the pet owner's income.

"Through our work, we have noticed that more than 75 percent of the animals we work with are not spayed or neutered," said the news release from Mitchell Animal Rescue. "Any animal we rescue, we have spayed or neutered, which is quite an expensive operation. We have now noticed quite an influx of kittens and puppies in the shelter. According to the city's animal control officer, he has seen a dramatic increase in the animal population in the last three years, especially with cats."

Pet owners can obtain an application online at or call SNIP Coordinator Kathie Tupper at 605-999-2524.

Funding for the program so far is $5,000, including a $2,500 grant from the Mitchell Area Charitable Foundation, a $1,000 donation from the Osterhaus Homeless Animal Shelter Committee and a $1,500 contribution from Mitchell Animal Rescue.

Participating pet-care providers include the Lakeview Veterinary Clinic, Animal Clinic of Mitchell and veterinarian Kevin Hubbert.