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A look at news around the region, complied from staff reports, press releases and information reported by weekly newspapers:

Charles Mix Co.

Corn leaf aphids are showing up in fields in South Dakota, and corn growers should start scouting their fields as soon as possible.

The announcement came in a press release from South Dakota State University.

"Right now, the goal is to go out and scout fields. They need to be scouted starting at tasseling stage," said Jon Kieckhefer, an Extension agronomy educator based in Brookings County. "Look for aphids in the whorls of the plants or on the tassels."

Extension agronomy educator Roger Barrick reported on July 22 that corn leaf aphid populations are just getting established on tasseling corn in Charles Mix County.

The highest population observed was 10 percent of the corn plants infested with 20-30 corn leaf aphids per plant.

Aphids can reproduce very rapidly on corn, and in large numbers can cause some significant yield losses. Recent research in South Dakota suggests that colonization of about 10 percent of corn plants starting at V-10 or just before tasseling may significantly impact yield.

South Dakota Cooperative Extension entomologist Mike Catangui said that corn leaf aphids are an emerging insect pest of both Bt-corn and conventional corn in South Dakota.

"There is a growing scientific evidence that Bt-corn may, in fact, be the preferred host of corn leaf aphids," Catangui said. "Corn leaf aphids have syringe-like mouthparts and feed on the sap of corn, and when numerous, they can cause wilting and can severely interfere with pollination, resulting in small and 'barren' corn ears at harvest."


The Tripp County town of Hamill is celebrating its 100th birthday today.

Along with an 11 a.m. parade, the town's celebratory festivities will include an 8:30 a.m. 5K run, 1-mile walk/run and kids' race; a noon potluck lunch; a noon horseshoe competition; 3 p.m. Bingo; a 6:30 p.m. kids' play day at the rodeo arena; and a 9 p.m. outdoor dance.


The Gregory Times-Advocate reported in its edition this week that Gregory County Commission members have discussed possible belt-tightening measures to help balance the budget for the coming fiscal year.

The commission voted to not give annual pay raises in 2010 to county employees and discussed other options, including reduction of grad-ing and mowing on county roads, reported the Times-Advocate.


The Montrose Area Foun-dation has announced a goal of raising $100,000 in five years, hoping to land a $25,000 grant from the South Dakota Community Foundation, the Montrose Herald reported this week.

A story in the newspaper invites residents, families and businesses to contribute to the fundraiser.

When the money is raised, the fund will be used to distribute grant monies, through a local volunteer board of directors, for community betterment, according to the Herald.


The Lyman County Herald reported this week that nearly 1,000 people attended the opening day of the new Thunder Ridge MX Park, recently built in the county. The next event at the track is the North Central States Shootout, Aug. 23.

The event is expected to draw moto-cross riders from a six-state region, the Herald noted.