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MUCH OBLIGED: Food pantry thanks DWU students

The food pantry in Mitchell had another great day on Aug. 25.

The food items were gathered up and brought in by Dakota Wesleyan University students. They weighed them and brought them into the Salvation Army building where they, with other volunteers from churches and the community, helped check expiration dates and marked out bar codes. The food was also put on shelves in the pantry. When the shelves were full, some gentlemen were kind enough to carry the excess to the basement where it will be stored until needed.

All the helpers were greatly appreciated, as more than 4,400 pounds of food was weighed in. It takes a lot of people to accomplish all the jobs that needed to be done.

The people in Mitchell are to be congratulated for all the food donated. The drive wouldn't have been possible without their contributions.

-Bev Rowley and the food pantry board