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BACK IN TIME: Construction of first Corn Palace

The first Corn Palace was built at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Main Street in 1892, (this photo was taken during construction) the building was 100x66 feet. The outside of the Corn Palace was decorated in geometric patterns with native corn, grains and grasses. The inside, however, was artistically decorated by the women of Mitchell, who carried out all projects and exhibits with the same materials used for the outside. During the 1892 Corn Palace Exposition, the Phinney Iowa State band played for 10 days.

The first Corn Palace was among many structures built by Andrew Jackson Kings, who  moved to Mitchell with his wife in 1883 and started a contracting business. Other structures he built were the first building at Dakota Wesleyan University (College Hall), Carnegie Library, Holy Family Church, the Elks and many more in and around Mitchell. (Courtesy of Mitchell Area Historical Society)