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REVIEW: From cast to costumes, 'Producers' doesn't disappoint

In the 1990s, Mel Brooks brought to the stage the satirical comedy called "The Producers." This stage production followed Brooks' creation of the movie by the same name. On Aug. 8, the Mitchell Area Community Theatre brought this wonderful musical to the stage. As a person who had never seen this musical, I was excited and curious to see where it would go, and I was not disappointed

Max Bialystock, played by Monty Bohrer, and Leo Bloom, played by Connor Voeltz, brought me into the comedy and their dire situation right from the beginning. Max is a down-on-his-luck producer, and Leo is an accountant who never took chances or knew there were chances to take in his life. Together, they form a cast for their own production that kept me and many of the other audience members laughing for much of the two-hour performance. The two sang many wonderful duets together throughout the show, which kept me truly enjoying the music and wanting to see more.

Max and Leo were joined by many exciting characters. The rich, little old ladies could have stolen the show. Melissa Vatter-Miller, Karen Bertsch and Kate Miller, along with the many others who played little old ladies, were so much fun to watch. When they entered the stage, I couldn't wait to see what antics they were going to pull or what comments they were going to make to aid or hinder Max and Leo in their production endeavors. These little old ladies had the best bloomers in town.

Parker Vold did a first-rate job portraying the strong, German character of Franz Liebkind. His wit, timing and dry sense of humor kept the audience laughing and waiting for what might happen next with this character. Singing and acting with such a strong German accent is not easy, and Parker performed very well.

Wonderful doesn't begin to express the portrayal of the characters Roger DeBris (Arin Winger) and his assistant, Carmen Gia (Jeff Holstein), as possible directors for Max and Leo's production. The two kept the excitement and the antics moving throughout the performance. Using their singing and dancing talents, Arin and Jeff gave a true portrayal of these two characters.

Megan Reimnitz did not disappoint in her portrayal as Ulla Inga Hansen etc. She shared her talents as an excellent part of the production through her singing, dancing and acting the part of the lovable, Swedish Ulla.

The transformation of the stage to the scenes for this production took the audience to the places Max and Leo had to visit to pull off their show. The costuming was spot-on. Even Liebkind's pigeons didn't disappoint in their formations and ability to stand at attention. The music was marvelous and the moments of laughter were excellent. I highly recommend "The Producers" at the Mitchell Area Community Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday.