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HELOISE: Help! My sidewalk is not a rest stop

Dear Heloise: My neighbor's dog loves to use the sidewalk in my yard for a bathroom. Do you know of something I can spray on the sidewalk to discourage this behavior? -- Margie in Ohio

Start with washing the sidewalk with hot, soapy water. Rinse well and let dry. Then generously spray an enzyme-based pet-odor neutralizer on the sidewalk. The dog may keep coming back to that spot because of the smell, but if you remove the smell, it may take care of the problem. But you may need to wash and spray it often. You can check at pet stores for a deterrent spray that you can apply to your lawn and sidewalk if you still are having a problem. Hope this helps. -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: I love your olive nut spread, but wonder if there is a healthier version? -- Janet F. in Indiana

Try this: Heloise's Almost No-Fat Olive Nut Spread. Gather the following ingredients:

8 ounces softened, low-fat or nonfat cream cheese

1/2 cup nonfat mayonnaise or nonfat sour cream

1/4 to 1/2 cup pecans, almonds or peanuts (chopped)

1 cup chopped green olives or salad olives (the olives filled with pimentos)

2 tablespoons of juice from the olive jar

Dash of pepper (or more if you like)

Mix all these ingredients together, and store the spread in the refrigerator. To make it your own, add chopped jalapenos, a dash of hot sauce or some garlic black pepper. T Cut up some of your favorite vegetables and use this spread as a dip. Delicious! -- Heloise


Dear Heloise: I bought some of those puppy pads when my dog was younger and was potty-training. I had some left over. The other day, I accidentally dropped a whole glass of juice. Instead of using all my paper towels, I grabbed one of the pads and used it to soak up the majority of the juice. It worked great! I then just had to go over the spot lightly so it wouldn't be sticky. -- Hailey in Alabama


Dear Heloise: My gutters were dirty with grime from years of spring oak-tree "dust." After power-washing with no results, I tried a scrub-free type of bathroom cleaner. The grime just melted off. After spraying with a wet cloth, I wiped the gutters. They looked brand-new! -- D.C., via email