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Stickney High School released 4th quarter honor roll

Stickney High School has released the honor roll for the fourth quarter of the current academic year.

Students marked with a single asterisk carried six subjects, and double asterisks mean a student carried seven subjects.

SUPERIOR: Jackie Dethlefsen**, Connor Pennings**, Destiny Wolbrink**, Aften Pennings*, Hannah Matzner**, Sam Schumacher**.

EXCELLENT: Aaron Anthony *, Kardell Boomsma*, Rachel Moser*, Kelsey Overweg**, Brody Pickart**, Thomas Punt**, Terra Sauvage**, August Schumacher*, Matthew Teel*, MaKenzie Anthony*, Aaron Hargens*.

GOOD: Brianna Kuyper*, Benjamin Matzner*, Dasia Tolsma**, Matthew Koch**, Austin Tilton*, Chase Van Gorp*, Landon Bruinsma**, Kaylee Clark**.